This was written by a little 6 year old girl. I babysit her and her two sisters - Rebecca and Mia, and before they go to bed they all sit down and write little prayers to God.
This was the one that Hollie wrote last time, and it absolutely broke my heart. I mean, she’s six years old and she thinks she’s not beautiful. That’s not right. But she is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. She’s got golden blonde hair, bright green eyes and a smile so beautiful that you melt a little inside when you see it.
When their mum got home, I showed her Hollie’s prayer, and she was devestated. She’s a nurse so she’s seen a lot of horrible things, but I have never seen her like that. And so I had to do something.
If you’re reading this, and if you have the slightest bit of a heart, please reblog this, so that I can prove to Hollie that she is beautiful, and that she is so special, and that God made her exactly the way she is because He knows that He made her perfect. Please give this beautiful little girl the confidence she deserves.

this made me cry. i don’t really care that i’m a strict 1d blog. everyone needs to reblog.

this picture broke my heart. everybody should have this at least once on their blog
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I keep having to remind myself that it’s the lionesses that do the hunting and killing and get their faces soaked in blood I mean is there a more badass animal

the king of the jungle
in the second it’s like ‘maybe if I look away she’ll stop yelling at me’
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One year.
525,600 minutes
525,000 moments so dear
Probably the most amazing gif I have ever seen.
This is beyond perfect..

fucking hell this band
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how to get smudges all over your glasses without touching them a book by me

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When people say my OTP isn’t real.



Rule #1 of shipping: Always reblog this. 


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this is and forever will be the best thing ever

the way his face changes so suddenly is just genius

Colin Morgan in Doctor Who Series 4: Midnight
btw, have you ever browsed the ‘Jethro’ tag on our blog? To us it’s a thing of joy.
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i tried to hit the reblog button on the picture im a fucking idiot
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